Scenes from China, 2005-2007

A musician near Tiananmen Square. I took the photo on my first visit to Mao’s tomb and the Forbidden City. It perfectly captures the mood of the day.

Beijing, 2005, 18″ by 24″ oil on canvas

Tourists at a World Heritage Village. A pretty but uninteresting photograph became a flirty, jaunty painting.  

Tourists, 18″ by 24″ oil on canvas

I took the photo for this one coming down Yellow Mountain in heavy fog.  

Huangshan, 18″ by 14″ oil on canvas

A Temple in Xi’an. 

Temple, Xi’an, 14″ by 14″ oil on canva

Monks in Xi’an: the earliest of these paintings by some years, as is obvious, but I still like it.  

Monks, Xi’an, 20″ by 24″ oil on canvas

















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