This is a pretty random collection. It includes paintings based on photos I took in China, 2005-2007.  


A friend posing in costume at the Temple of Heaven, Beijing. 

Lily Posing, 18″ by 14″ oil on canvas

Tourism at a World Heritage Village.

Tourists, 18″ by 24″ oil on canvas

I met a woman in Center City Philadelphia on the 4th of July and asked her to pose for a photo. She morphed into a compendium of every dedicated activist I know. 

The Activist, 14″ by 18″ oil on canvas

I followed these monks one very early morning in Xi’an. They seemed content, but the painting revealed a certain tension, not to say drama. This is the earliest painting in this collection. 

Monks, Xi’an, 20″ by 24″ oil on canvas

A temple at Xi’an.

Temple at Xi’an, 14″ by 14″ oil on canvas

Another monk in Xi’an. 

I took the photo for this painting coming down Yellow Mountain in heavy fog. It made for a very traditional painting. 

Huangshan, 14″ by 18″ oil on canvas


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