Some of these paintings are from snapshots taken in Williamstown, NJ, 1951-1961.  This one, of myself and my brother, ignores whatever drama is going on in the background. 

Williamstown 1, 18″ by 24″ oil on canvas

My mother and brother. Her characteristic tension is evident despite the idyllic pose.
In the photo she’s looking down at their fingers but the painting rejected that idea. 

Spring, Williamstown, 14″ by 18″ oil on canvas

I don’t remember where in Italy I took the photo for this one.
Dea is playing it very nonchalant, as usual. 

Dea in Italy, 14″ by 18″ oil on canvas

I met this woman one very hot 4th of July in Philadelphia and she kindly agreed to pose for me.  

Activist, 14″ by 18″ oil on canvas

My step-grandfather. I never knew him well, he died when I was a kid.
Maybe that’s why I’ve left this as little more than a sketch. Or maybe I finally figured out when to stop. 

Williamstown – Grandpop, 14″ by 18″ oil on canvas

My grandmother from Riga. She always had a really big dog and she named each one Shep.  

Nana and Shep in Pennsylvania, 18″ by 14″ oil on canvas

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